Paul McCallum

Eisd Ceòl – Listen to the Music


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1 Eisd Ceòl (Listen to the Music) 4:31

Music Margaret Kirkwood: Words Niall M Brownlie

2 Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mireadh (I like to go Courting) 3:11

Music and Words Traditional

3 Mary of Argyle 2:57

Air Sidney Nelson: Words Charles Jefferys

4 Silent Worship 1:47

Music and Words G F Handel (from the Opera"Ptolemy") arranged Arthur Somervell

5 A’ Chailin Mhaiseach Dhonn (The Bonny Brown Maid) 3:53

Music Traditional: Words John MacLean, Tiree

6 Believe Me if all Those Endearing Young Charms 2:19

Trad Irish Air "My Lodging is on the Cold Ground" Words Thomas Moore

7 Oft in the Stilly Night 2:57

Music Traditional Irish: Words Thomas Moore

8 Maighdeanan na h-Airigh (Lassies of the Sheiling) 3:25

Music and Words Traditional: arranged Marjory Kennedy Fraser

9 Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhàin (Young Girl of the Fair Hair) 3:22

Music Traditional: Words Donald Allan MacDonald, South Uist

10 Mother mo chrìdh 2:49

Music and Words Traditional Irish

11 The Green Bushes 2:40

Music and Words Traditional Irish

12 Tuireadh nan Treun (Lament for the Heroes) 4:55

Music Traditional: Words Duncan Johnstone, Islay

13 An Ataireachd Ard (The High Surge of the Sea) 4:12

Music John MacDonald, Oban: Words Donald MacIver, Lewis

Recorded at Auchentroig near Buchlyvie. Scotsoun wishes to thank the copyright holder,

Niall M Brownlie, for the use of ‘Eisd Cèol’ as the title track to this recording

and gratefully acknowledges his help and advice.

Twa Leids - Dà Chànain

sscd 080

2 CDs £18.00


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30 poems in Scots and Gaelic by a wide range of poets and bards whose work is intertranslated between Scots and Gaelic. Dual CD set

John MacDonald

Ceum air Cheum - a new approach to Gaelic


1 CD £11.00


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21 Lessons


Lessons 1- 7 John A (Jake) Macdonald

Lessons 8-14 Calum Ross

Lessons 15-21 Kenna Campbell

Total running time on this CD 67:50

The recording of Jake Macdonald reading the first seven lessons were made on a portable cassette recorder at his home and were not intended for presentation. His death unhappily prevented a studio session to re-record, and we felt that the original would be appreciated as a more personal minding by all who knew him. We wish to thank Mrs Anne Macdonald & the Trustees of the John A Macdonald Memorial Trust Fund for their kind permission to record the contents of Jake’s book Ceum air Cheum; also An Comunn Gaidhealach as publishers

Scots & Gaelic Songs

Sung by Morag Murray, Bob Scott accompanying

sscd 032

1 CD £11.00


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Scots songs

1 Introduction by George Philp 1:14

2 Durisdeer 2:07

3 Why should I sit and sigh? 1:41

4 Rothesay Bay 2:57

5 Bonnie Gallowa 2:10

6 The Rowan Tree 3:28

7 Nae luck about the House 1:36

8 Aye Waukin O 2:24

9 Bonnie wee thing 3:19

10 Ae Fond Kiss 3:07

11 A Rosebud by my early walk 2:21

12 Comin throu the rye 2:22

13 The Deil’s awa wi the Exciseman 1:33

Gaelic songs

14 Eileann A’Cheo 2:44

Isle of the Mist (Skye)

15 Teann a Nall 2:45

Come to Uist with me

16 Moladh na Lanndaidh 2:29

In Praise of Islay

17 Muile nam fuar bheann mor 3:21

Mull of the cool high bens

18 A’Bhirlinn Bharrach 3:00

Kismull’s Galley (Barra)

19 Eilean fraoich 2:39

Isle of the heather (Lewis)

20 Fagail Liosmor 3:51

Leaving Lismore

21 Morag bheag 2:25

Little Marion

22 Thug mi mo lamh do’n Eileanach 2:59

I gave my hand to the Islander

23 Alasdair an Dùin 1:53

The man Alasdair

24 Gleann Bhaile Chaoil 2:44

Ballachulish Glen

total running time on CD 61:18