Duncan Johnstone - Duncan in Dunfermline


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1 Carolyn Spohn D Johnstone 6/8 March

Jean Mauchline W Bryson 6/8 March

Dominic MacGowan D Johnstone 6/8 March 5:16

2 Devil in the Kitchen Traditional Strathspey

Birks of Abergeldie Traditional Strathspey

Nellie’s Strathspey Traditional Strathspey

Highland Harry Traditional Strathspey

Seonaid Traditional Strathspey

D Johnstone Traditional Strathspey 3:58

3 Argyllshire Gathering J McColl 2/4 March

Blair Drummond Traditional Strathspey

MacAlister’s Dirk Traditional Reel 4:34

4 My Treasure, My Joy Trad. Gaelic Air

Isabelle MacLean D Johnstone Hornpipe

A Dram before you go Traditional Jig

David Ross PM A MacAulay Jig

Centre’s Bonnet PM W Ross Jig

Donella Beaton G Johnson Jig

Farewell to Nigg D Johnston 3/4 March 8:33

5 Lament for Alan, my son D Johnstone Piobaireachd 10:54

6 MacIntosh’s Banner Piobaireachd 8:03

7 Mr Alex MacLean of Lurebost D Johnstone 4/4 March

Delvinside Traditional Strathspey

Dolina MacKay J Scott Reel 3:26

Total running time on this CD 44:44

Duncan Johnstone - Pipe Tunes


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1 Irish Washerwoman Hornpipe

Rakes of Kildare Jig

Geese in the Bog Jig

Donald of the Sun Jig 4:41

2 Fr. John MacMillan of Barra 2/4 March

Cameronian Rant Strathspey

Sheepwife Reel 4:55

3 Yester House Strathspey

Lady Carmichael Strathspey

Lady Ramsay Strathspey

Put me in the Great Chest Reel

Irish Traditional Reel

Cup of Tea Reel 2:40

4 Rona MacDonald Jig

Finlay Murchie’s Birthday Jig

Chrissie Smith Jig 3:09

5 The Twins Slow Air

An Exercise Exercise 2:38

6 South Uist Immigrants 6/8 March

Donald Cameron’s Pipes 6/8 March

Jimmy Anderson’s

Welcome to Arran 6/8 March 5:17

7 Harvest Home Hornpipe

Tommy Grant Jig

Adam Scott Jig

Nancy MacInnes Jig

Malcolm Johnston Jig 5:38

8 CTS Empress Hornpipe

Cutting Bracken Jig

Alex MacDonald Jig

Cabarfeidh Jig 4:32

9 Invercharron Gathering 6/8 March

Cameron MacFadyen 6/8 March 3:32

10 Duncan Johnstone 2/4 March

Isa Johnstone Strathspey

Charlie’s Welcome Reel 4:23

11 An Cota Ruadh Strathspey

The Rusty Gun Strathspey

The Lads Strathspey

Sandy Duff Reel

Reel of Tulloch Reel 3:09

12 Mary Anderson of Lochranza 2/4 March

Dr Myron Berrick 2/4 March 3:53

13 Tuning Phrase Tuning

The Streaker Hornpipe 3:05

14 Guido Margiotta Jig

Tony lightfoot Jig

Romany Jig 3:06

15 Farewell to Barra 4/4 March 3:21

Total running time on this CD 57:59

Andrew Wright - Piper Abune Them Aa

sscd 057

1 CD £11.00


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1 Introduction by William Baxter 1:03

2 Intro to 3 (Notes on piobaireachd by Andrew Wright) 0:31

3 Lament for the Old Sword Piobaireachd Society Collection
book 3. Composer unknown 8:19

4 intro to 5 0:43

5 Lament for the Rowan Tree Pipe Major Donald MacLeod’s Collection
of Piobaireachd book 1. Composer Pipe Major Donald MacLeod 6:04

6 intro to 7 0:27

7 Hail to my Country published in Ceol Mor by CS Thomason,
composed by Major General CS Thomason 11:56

8 intro to 9 0:49

9 Lament for Donald Duaghal Mackay composed by Donald Mor MacCrimmon 1649, published in Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor
and in Piobaireachd Society Collection book 13 12:54

10 intro to 11 0:19

11 Lament for Captain MacDougall composed by Ronald MacDougall published in Piobaireachd Society Collection book 6 12:18

 total running time 55:32

Ceòl Beag from the Castle

ceol beag

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A programme of pipe music devised and played by Pipe Major Angus Macdonald of The Scots Guards and recorded in the King’s Dining Room in Edinburgh Castle

1 Ballochmyle P R Macleod 6/8 March 3:15 Jean Mauchline W Bryson 6/8 March

2 Sine Bhan Traditional Slow Air 2:10

3 Eileen Macdonald Williamson 6/8 Jig 3:17 Nameless Jig Williamson 6/8 Jig The Glasgow Police Pipers P/M D MacLeod 6/8 Jig

4 The Desert March Mauchline 2/4 March 3:32 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio P/M K G Roe 2/4 March

5 Thick Lies the Mist on Yonder Hill Traditional Strathspey 3:19 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday Traditional Strathspey Smith’s a Gallant Fireman Traditional Strathspey Silver Spear Traditional Reel Tie the Bonnet Traditional Reel The Country Girl C A Campbell Reel Barnie’s Balmoral E Macdonald Reel

6 Alan MacPherson of Moss Park P/M Angus Macdonald Jig 3:17 Turf Lodge P/M Angus Macdonald Jig P/M Joe Wilson P/M Angus Macdonald Jig

7 93rd at Modder River Traditional 2/4 March 3:50 Leaving Lunga J Gordon 2/4 March

8 I Hae a Wife of My Ain Traditional 9/8 March 3:06 Battle of the Somme Traditional 9/8 March The Heights of Dargai J Wallace 9/8 March

9 Flouers o the Forest Traditional Lament 3:18

10 The Fiddler’s Joy J MacLellan Strathspey 2:36 Pretty Marion J MacPhedran Reel

11 The Foxhunter Traditional 9/8 Jig 2:08 Welcome the Piper Traditional 9/8 Jig Beaton’s Blue Bonnet A Bain 9/8 Jig

12 Abercairney Highlanders A Mackay 2/4 March 2:45 The Braes o Brecklet W Lawrie 2/4 March

13 Crossing the Minch P/M D MacLeod Hornpipe 3:03 The Train Journey North P/M T Anderson Hornpipe

14 Caberfeidh Traditional Strathspey; 3:50 Delvinside Traditional Strathspey; The Smith of Chillichassie Traditional Reel; Locheil’s awa tae France Traditional Reel

15 Tam Bain’s Lum D S Ramsay Hornpipe; 3:23 Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs J A MacGee Hornpipe

16 Black Bear Traditional 2/4 March 2:04 Hieland Laddie Traditional 2/4 March

total running time 49:53

All tunes arranged by P/M Angus Macdonald