James Scott Skinner


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His Life and Achievement. A selection from his work played by Hebbie Gray who also provides the linking commentary.


  1. The Laird o Drumblair

  2. Start of narrative

  3. Mackenzie Hay – The Spey in Spate

  4. Narrative continued

  5. The Countess o Crawford (Peter Milne)

  6. Narrative continued

  7. Scott Skinner’s Compliments to Dr MacDonald – The Miller o Hirn – Angus Campbell

  8. Narrative continued

  9. Hector the Hero

  10. King Robert the Bruce – The Laird o Thrums

  11. Narrative continued

  12. The Bonnie Lass o Bon-Accord

  13. Narrative continued

  14. The Marquis o Huntly’s Farewell – The Marquis o Tullibardine (John Crear)

  15. Narrative continued

  16. Bovaglies Plaid

  17. Narrative continued

  18. Craigellachie Bridge – Deil amang the Tailors

  19. Narrative continued

  20. Mrs Scott Skinner – Bonny Banchory

  21. Narrative continued

  22. John MacFadyen o Melfort

  23. Narrative continued

  24. The Cradle Song

  25. Narrative continued

  26. The Mathematician – Lady Millicent’s Favourite

  27. Narrative continued

  28. The Duke o Fife’s Welcome to Deeside – Forbes Morrison – Scott Skinner

  29. Narrative continued

  30. The Fallen Chief

  31. Narrative continued

  32. The Duchess Tree

  33. Narrative continued

  34. Our Highland Queen

  35. Narrative continued

  36. Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife

  37. Narrative continued

  38. D. Morison’s Seven Thistles – John Abrach Mackay – The Apple Tree

  39. The Cradle Song - reprise


Cowal Ceilidh


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Robert Lamont’s Ceilidh Band, guest artistes Johan Matheson soprano, Louis Stewart baritone, Hugh MacGilp fiddle, Robert Scott piano.


Lowland Souch



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1 The Flouers o The Forest. Trad. Arr. Robertson 5:12

2 Aye Late and Early Robertson 2:31

3 "Jamie Gilchrist" and "Mike Ward" Hunter 1:21

4 The Baron o Brackley Trad. Arr. Robertson 7:21

5 The Rowan Tree Air and March Trad. Arr. Lockhart 2:31

6 The Rigs o Rye Trad. Arr. Robertson 3:27

7 The Write Off Robertson 2:00

8 Mary Scott, the Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow

Trad. Arr. Hunter 2:54

9 The Star o the Bar Robertson 3:16

10 The Pleuman Lads are aa the Go
Trad. Arr. Robertson 3:34

11 The Twa Corbies Trad. Arr. Robertson 3:01

12 The Republican Reels Hunter 2:21

13 Cauld Comfort Robertson 2:22

14 The Braw Lads o Mousewald Ward 1:46

15 Bawbie Allan Trad. Arr. Robertson 4:33

16 The Split Reed and Goodacre’s Jig Hunter 2:42

17 The Secret Sin Robertson 4:03

18 The Piper’s Cave and Aiken Drum

Pipes and Fiddle Trad. Arr. Hunter 1:28

19 A Drinkin Man Robertson 3:31

Total playing time on this CD 59:54

                        This recording has been inspired by the recent revival of the Scottish cauldwind or bellows pipes. Davie Robertson is one of the most accomplished traditional artists to be connected with the revival and this collection of his work is long overdue. His masterly small pipe accompaniments, his richly authentic East Lothian Scots and the refreshing vitality of his own song compositions offer the best of the on-going tradition of Lowland Scotland. The blending of old and new is completed by the sets offered by Andy Hunter (small pipes), Davie Lockhart (fiddle) and Mike Ward (small pipes and harmonium). I should like to express our gratitude to the Lowland and Borders Pipers’ Society whose efforts have created the appropriate musical environment and to George Philp and Allan Ramsay of Scotsoun who have made this recording possible.

Andy Hunter

Scottish Psalms and Paraphrases

Dunfermline Abbey Choir


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Introductions by Rev Stewart MacPherson, Minister at Dunfermline Abbey
at the time of the original recording. Carillon played by Dorothy Wilson.

1 Dunfermline played on carillon and intro by Rev Stewart MacPherson 1:52

2 Psalm 106 vv 1-5 Dunfermline Give praise and thanks 2:18

3 Psalm 124 (second version) Old 124th Now Israel may say 4:30

4 Psalm 103 vv 1-5 Coleshill O thou my soul 2:52

5 Psalm 24 vv 7-10 St George’s, Edinburgh Ye gates lift up 3:20

6 Psalm 102 (second version) vv 13-17 Duke Street Thou shalt arise 1:36

7 Psalm 43 vv 3-5 Martyrs O send Thy light forth 2:26

8 Psalm 121 French I to the hills plus refrain on carillon 3:06

9 Martyrs played on carillon 1:29

10 Paraphrase 2 Salzburg O God of Bethel 3:08

11 Paraphrase 30 Kilmarnock Come let us to the Lord our God 2:43

12 Paraphrase 18 vv 1-3, 7 Glasgow Behold the mountain of the Lord 2:11

13 Paraphrase 54 Jackson I’m not ashamed to own my Lord 1:58

14 Paraphrase 48 vv 5-9 St Andrew The Saviour died but rose again 2:55

15 Psalm 100 (first version) Old 100th All people that on earth 2:48

16 Kilmarnock played on carillon 0:58

total running time on this CD 40:51