Sheena Blackhall

Oot o the Kist


2 CDs £18.00


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SSCD 805 2 CDs

Sheena Blackhall CD


  1. Braes o Skene (SB)
  2. Pastoral: Stagwyse
  3. Faither & Son (SB)
  4. Land Hunger: Stagwyse
  5. Salute tae Toronto (SB)
  6. The Aiberdonian: Boorich o Fowk
  7. Fareweel tae Tarwithie (Trad)
  8. Sea God: Bringing up the Tail
  9. The Rosebud (SB)
  10. The Tryst: Stagwyse
  11. The Banks o Reid Roses (Trad JWS)
  12. The Serpent's Sang: Stagwyse
  13. She Moved Through the Fair (LB)
  14. Bairn Sang: Stagwyse
  15. The Auld Wife Sat bi the Fire (LB)
  16. Spring in Cromar: Stagwyse
  17. Bonnie Lassie Come Ower the Burn (Trad LB)
  18. Maternity: Winnlestrae
  19. A Wee Burr Stuck tae my Apron (Trad SR)
  20. Corn Dolly: Stagwyse
  21. Corachree (Trad LB)
  22. A Gweed New Year: Cyard's Kist
  23. Oh the Shearin's nae fur you (Trad LB)
  24. A Drap o Bluid: Stagwyse
  25. Davie Green the Grocer Oh: (AM)
  26. Pinto: The Heavenly Cow of Thebes
  27. The Corncraik (Trad)
  28. Oh tae be a Salmon: Hamedrauchtit
  29. Farewell My Love (SB)
  30. The Watcher in the Grass: Winnlestrae
  31. The Dance of Death (SB)
  32. The Dying Room: Dule Tree
  33. The Twa Corbies (Trad)
  34. The Lan far Ballads Grow: Boorich o Fowk
  35. The Braes o Strathdon (Trad JWS)
  36. The Herrin Fleet: Gallery Prints
  37. Come aa ye Fisher Lasses
  38. Mr McAfferty: Boorich o Fowk
  39. A Dotteret Aul Carl (Trad SR)
  40. Castlegate Doo: Skin Balaclavas
  41. St Machar's Cathedral (SB)
  42. Swing High Swing Low: Skin Balaclavas
  43. The Mannie in the Lobby (Trad BRH)
  44. Highland Cow: Bringing up the Tail
  45. Braes o Balquidder (Trad BRH)
  46. I had a little Patio: Bringing up the Tail


  1. The Guid-luikin Widda
  2. It's a Sair Fecht: Dule Tree
  3. The Jauntin Car (SR)
  4. What's in your handbag honey? Serendipity
  5. Lady Mary (JWS)
  6. Sin eater: Likeable Ordeal
  7. Cruel Mither (SR)
  8. A Melting Baby; Owl Hour
  9. The Lass Amang the Heather (JWS)
  10. The Intended: Likeable Ordeal
  11. I Aince Luved a Lad
  12. Epiphany: Dule Tree
  13. Gallawa Hills (JWS)
  14. A Postcard from England: Dule Tree
  15. Far Ower the North (SR)
  16. The Flooers o War: Dule Tree
  17. Lovely Molly (SM)
  18. The Silkie Hunter: Sea Quine
  19. The Laird o Windy Waas (BRH)
  20. Wee Beach Hooses: Sea Quine
  21. A Merchant's Son (JWS)
  22. Wickerman: Likeable Ordeal
  23. The Deliverance Sang (SB)
  24. Pantheist in a Hey Park: Diminishing Lines
  25. Tarland Laws
  26. The Bagpipe Player: Sea Quine
  27. The Dancin Piper (SB)
  28. Crivie Gull: Sea Quine
  29. Banks o Claudy (JWS)
  30. Bon Accord: Diminishing Lines
  31. Biddy Milligan (JWS)
  32. At the Festival: Likeable Ordeal
  33. Erin Go Bragh (JWS)
  34. The Plunderers: Likeable Ordeal
  35. The Diamond (JWS)
  36. Auld Man o the Sea: Dule Tree
  37. The Boddamers Hanged the Monkey oh
  38. Monkey-City: Dule Tree
  39. Geordie Weir (JWS)
  40. Femme Fatale: Sea Quine
  41. Ghaists o the Nor East Neuk (SB)
  42. Affirmation: Diminishing Lines

Matthew Fitt

Kate o Shanter's Tale


1 CD £11.00


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Kate o Shanter’s Tale

by Matthew Fitt

1 a reading by Ellie McDonald 5:07

2 a reading by Ann Matheson 4:36

Kate o Shanter’s Tale first appeared in Chapman

Readings by Ellie McDonald and Ann Matheson. This recording is only 10 minutes long, and therefore supplied as labelled CD in plastic wallet instead of jewel case, to keep price down.

James Robertson

Empty Vessel


1 CD £11.00


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Short story that wan the Sloan Prize in 1991

The readin lasts 35 meenits - suitable for senior pupils an adults

ssp 04  A4 beuklet wi the story text, a ful glossary, an some exposeition o the Scotscreive wey o settin doun Scots. Whan stocks o the beuklet rins oot, we'll issue a free PDF on the wabsteid here.

Raymond Vettese

The Richt Noise

sscd 094

1 CD £11.00


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1 Introduction William Neill 2:02

2 Prologue Raymond Vettese 3:30

3 The Richt Noise Raymond Vettese 2:23

4 The Horn, Yirdit Raymond Vettese 4:08

5 The Kailyard School Ellie McDonald 1:03

6 Nirvana Raymond Vettese 5:07

7 In the Key o Truth Raymond Vettese 3:48

8 On the Doorstep George Philp 2:23

9 Aifter the Doorstep William Neill 2:55

10 Scotland ’79 Ellie McDonald 0:50

11 Dod George Philp 1:50

12 Auld Fairmer Raymond Vettese 0:49

13 Fricht-the-Craw Ellie McDonald 1:32

14 Auld Wife Knittin George Philp 1:07

15 Scottish Mythology Raymond Vettese 0:39

16 My Carrion Words Raymond Vettese 1:10

17 Auld Rock-banes Raymond Vettese 1:39

18 Crystal Dancer Raymond Vettese 4:00

19 Joy-spreit Ellie McDonald 0:45

20 Gaudy Aumous Raymond Vettese 1:01

21 Scottish Names Raymond Vettese 1:44

22 Til Deid Een Ellie McDonald 1:14

23 A Ferlie Buskin George Philp 0:38

24 Shaddas Raymond Vettese 1:13

25 Hoo Faur? Raymond Vettese 1:11

26 Weeds Raymond Vettese 0:54

27 The Muckle Tree Raymond Vettese 1:27

28 Waste Ellie McDonald 1:14

29 Tak Pooer! Raymond Vettese 3:39

30 Epilogue Raymond Vettese 3:43

total running time of this CD 59:38