The Soun o Burns

James A. MacBain


2 CDs £18.00


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SSCD 139-1

1 Address to a Haggis Jimmy MacBain 2:07

2 A Man’s a Man Robert Shankland 1:49

3 Address to the Unco Guid Jimmy MacBain 3:23

4 Death and Dr Hornbook Tom Crawford 8:38

5 Holy Willie’s Prayer Jimmy MacBain 5:02

6 Tam o Shanter Jimmy MacBain 10:28

7 Tam Samson’s Elegy Jimmy MacBain 5:01

8 To a Louse Jimmy MacBain 2:13

9 To a Mountain Daisy Jimmy MacBain 2:26

10 To a Mouse Jimmy MacBain 2:13

Total running time on this CD 43:20

SSCD 139-2

1 The Death and Dying Words

of Poor Mailie Jean Taylor Smith 3:36

2 The Holy Fair Robert Shankland 10:25

3 The Auld Farmer’s New-Year Salutation

to his Auld Mare, Maggie Robert Shankland 4:57

4 Epistle to Davie, a Brother Poet Frank Bryson 6:53

5 Epistle to Colonel de Peyster Tom Crawford 2:32

6 Address to the Toothache Jimmy MacBain 1:37

7 Address of Beelzebub Tom Crawford 4:16

8 Address to the Deil Tom Crawford 5:26

9 Auld Lang Syne Jean Taylor Smith 1:26

Total running time on this CD 41:08

A Burns Nicht – Revisited


2 CDs £18.00


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SSCD 126

1 Introduction and Welcome Ian Buchanan 0:55

2 Selkirk Grace Jim Wilson 0:13

3 Address to The Haggis John Campbell 3:32

4 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Ian Buchanan 3:34

5 Song: There was a Lad Crispin Allen 3:44

6 Song: Scots Wha Hae Marshall McIntyre 2:41

7 The Immortal Memory Len Murray 30:44

8 Song: My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose Crispin Allen 4:01

9 Fiddle Selection John McKechnie 2:53

10 Song: The Braes o Killiecrankie Marshall McIntyre 3:55

11 Reading: Tam o Shanter Tom Barr 13:12

12 Song: The Deil’s awa wi the Exciseman Crispin Allen 1:37

Pianist and Piper: Eddie Johnstone Total playing time of this CD 71:01

The 1974 Scotsoun recording of the Burns Supper of The Lugton Burns Club at the Lugton Inn has travelled the world and has been used as a model of how a Burns Supper should be conducted. On the 9th February 1996, the year of the bi-centenary of the death of Robert Burns, it seemed appropriate that Scotsoun return and update the record of proceedings, now held in Manor Farm Hotel, Burnhouse. Scotsoun wishes to thank all artistes, the Lugton Burns Club and the proprietors of Manor Farm Hotel for all permissions given.

SSCD 127

1 Toast "The Lassies" Robin Hopkins 13:11

2 Song: The Lea Rig Marshall McIntyre 7:30

3 Fiddle Selection John McKechnie 3:02

4 Reply to Toast Ken McIntosh 20:58

5 Song: Willie Wastle Crispin Allen 1:49

6 Reading: Holy Willie's Prayer John Campbell 5:29

7 Song: Willie Brew’d a Peck o Maut Crispin and Eddie 4:17

8 Song: A Man’s a Man for a’ that Marshall McIntyre 4:19

9 Vote of Thanks Robert Picken 8:50

10 Song: The Star o Rabbie Burns Marshall McIntyre 5:01

11 Song: Auld Lang Syne The Company 2:21

Pianist and Piper: Eddie Johnstone

Total playing time of this CD 76:47


Robert Burns

The Jolly Beggars (Love and Liberty)


1 CD £11.00


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1 Introduction (Tom Crawford) 1:19

2 Start of Recitativo (Bob Shankland) 1:14

3 The Soldier’s Song (Andy Hunter) 2:30

4 Recitativo: He ended; and the kebars sheuk 0:23

5 I once was a maid (Jean Redpath) 2:33

6 Recitativo: Poor merry Andrew in the neuk 0:26

7 Sir Wisdom’s a fool when he’sfou (Andy Hunter) 1:11

8 Recitativo: The neist outspak a raucle carlin 0:28

9 John Highlandman (Jean Redpath) 2:34

10 Recitativo: A pigmy scraper wi’ his fiddle 0:20 11 I am a fiddler to my trade (Andy Hunter/Yla Steven) 2:28

12 Recitativo: Her charms had struck a sturdy caird 0:50

13 My Bonnie Lass (Adam McNaughton) 0:29

14 Recitativo: The caird prevail’d — 1:19

15 I am a bard of no regard (Adam McNaughton/Yla Steven) 2:29

16 Recitativo: So sung the bard — 0:38

17 A fig for those by law protected (Adam McNaughton/Yla Steven) 2:52

Total playing time on this CD 24:12 

This recording was made in 1977 in Poosie Nansie’s in Mauchline, Ayrshire

Introductory assessment of the work by Tom Crawford

Recitativo: Bob Shankland

Singers: Andy Hunter, Jean Redpath, Adam McNaughtan

Fiddle: Yla Steven

This recording is also to be found in the Scotsoun Makars Series (cassettes sscd 035, 036, 037) devoted to the works of Robert Burns, with choice and commentary by Tom Crawford.

The illustration is a detail from a painting of The Jolly Beggars by Angus Scott which was in the possession of the late Andrew Hood at the time of the recording.

Lugton Laugh Inn

Rev. James Currie and friends


1 CD £11.00


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1 Piping in the Haggis P/M Angus MacDonald Lugton Inn 1978


2 Third Burns Supper Alistair S McLachlan Lugton Inn 1980

3 Babies galore

4 Dinny be nervous laddie Rev John M Stewart Lugton Inn 1977

5 One slug per skull

6 Teacher

7 Is that your wife?

8 Coll girl

9 Ministers and St Peter Rev Waldon Moffat Lugton Inn 1981

10 Confession is good for the soul

11 Stoppage of the bowels

12 In one way or another/ Rev Robert Paterson Lugton Inn 1974

Hold me as he used to (The Happy Padre)

13 Wis never mentioned . . .

14 Our own wives with us

15 Jack the Baptist

16 No morals


17 All right until now Rev James Currie Lugton Inn 1974

18 Ask God

19 How do you like your coffee?

20 Half a man

21 I will wrestle with thee

22 Where did you get that pig?

23 One of you kiss the bride/How much is she worth?

24 You love the Rangers more

25 Guide dog

26 Where were you?/I’ve lived!

27 Rhubarb tart

28 Chelsea Pensioners

29 Lady traffic warden

30 Why I was asked Andrew Charters Lugton Inn 1977

31 Various psychiatrist jokes

32 Time is on the wane

33 Sheiks change with the times

34 Mother’s milk is better

35 Just one ounce of whisky

To the Lassies Selection continued next column . . .


36 Shammie in the hand Malcolm Wilson Lugton Inn 1980

37 Seven hours to live

38 Quotation from Macbeth

39 Women drivers William Cowan Lugton Inn 1977

40 Lady advocates and solicitors

41 Burn bras

42 Perfect housekeeper

43 Nothing to wear

44 Are you all right? Col Lachlan Robertson Lugton Inn 1981

45 Sex before marriage Grant Carson Manor Farm Hotel 1986

46 Happily married

47 Fifty-year-old bum


48 The place of men Tom Reid Lugton Inn 1974

49 A nicht wi a man

50 Damnt lucky

51 I go on holiday with/ Rev James Currie Lugton Inn 1977

Hoovering and havering/Camisole or casserole?

52 I need a new dress

53 A whisky over the grave

54 Spin drier

55 Squaws and half-breeds

56 Peebles Hydro

57 Half-cut

58 Wine waiter

59 Can’t keep my hands off Andrew Charters Lugton Inn 1978

60 A suppository behind the ear

61 Rangers crisis meeting William Cowan Lugton Inn 1980

62 Important decisions

63 Wonder woman


64 Sermon on the chin Rev James Currie Manor Farm Hotel 1986

65 Americans in St Andrews Lugton Inn 1979

66 Two-eared cat in Govan/Pub with real sawdust

67 If you’re tired of sin . . . Manor Farm Hotel 1986

68 Pope’s postage stamp Lugton Inn 1980

69 Three wishes Lugton Inn 1981