King James VI - Reulis and Cautelis


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1 The place of ". . . Some Reulis and Cautelis . . ." in Scottish Literature 28:49
written and read by Dr Morna Fleming

2 Comment on Pronunciation Options, defined by Théo van Heijnsbergen read by George Philp 1:39

3 Sonnet of the Author to the Reader Dr Morna Fleming 0:53

4 A Sonnet on the moneth of May Dr Théo van Heijnsbergen 0:46

5 Song, the first verses that ever the King made George Philp 1:10

6 Elegie sur le Despart de la Royne Marie retournant à son Royaume d’Ecosse by Pierre de Ronsard
read in Old French Dr James Steele 5:21

7 Elegy on the Depairture o Mary Queen o Scots until her Kinrick o Scotland
translaitit into Modern Scots by J K Annand George Philp 6:47

8 A complaint of his mistressis absence from Court George Philp 4:20

9 The Cheviot hills doe with my state agree . . . Dr Théo van Heijnsbergen 0:55

10 Although that crooked crawling Vulcan lie . . . Dr Théo van Heijnsbergen 0:47

11 A sonnet when the King was surprised by the Earle Bothwell Dr Morna Fleming 0:50

12 Another of the same Dr Morna Fleming 0:52

13 Another of the same George Philp 1:03

14 To the Queene, Anonimos Dr Théo van Heijnsbergen 0:46

15 A Sonett on Sr William Alexanders harsh vearses after the Inglishe fasone Dr Théo van Heijnsbergen 0:54

16 The Argument (of the booke) Sonnet George Philp 1:09

Total playing time on this CD 57:01

References: The Mercat Anthology of Early Scottish Literature (1375–1707) edited by R D S Jack and P A T Rozendaal published by Mercat Press 1997. Poems of James the Sixth of Scotland Scottish Text Society.

Acknowledgement: Ronsard’s French text is recorded by kind permission of The National Library of Scotland.

Scots translation (Elegy . . .) is included in the Scotsoun Makars Series tribute to J K Annand (sscd 103).

Specially recorded for The Ninth International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Language and Literature

Promoted by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies at the University of St Andrews, Fife August 1999




1 CD £11.00


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Readers of Poems — (HS) Helena Shire and (JA) Jack Aitken.

Singers — (items 5 and 6) Margaret Fraser accompanied by Kenneth Elliot,
(items 7 and 8) The Saltire Singers: Margaret Fraser soprano, Constance Mullay alto, Duncan Robertson tenor, Frederick Westcott baritone, conducted by Hans Oppenheim (recording by arrangement with Helena M Shire).

1 Start of commentary written and read by Helena M Shire. The commentary continues throughout the recording and is intended to be listened to in its entirety. Individual readings and songs are to be found at the following track numbers. c1:36

2 Hay nou the day dauis (HS) 1:45 +c3:39

3 Whill as with whyte and nimble hand (HS) 0:46 +c2:02

4 A bonny No, with smyling looks agane

(Ung doux nenny avec un doux sourire) ( HS) 1:23 +c0:33

5 What mightie motione so my mynd mischeivis 3:52 +c3:39

6 Before the Greeks durst enterpryse 2:10 +c1:02

7 Adeu O Desie of delyt 3:02 +c0:51

8 In throu the windoes of myn ees 2:20 +c5:17

9 Extracts: The Flyting between Montgomerie and Polwart. The Secund Invective: Montgomeryes Answeir (concerning the birth and breeding of Polwart). (JA) 11:08 +c3:47

10 Extracts: The Cherry and the Slae (JA) 13:17 +c0:17

11 Blind Brutal Boy that with thy bou abuses. (Aganist the God of Love ) (HS) 0:53 +c1:30

12 Ressave this harte whois Constancie wes sik ("A lang Guidnicht") (HS) 2:49 +c3:39

The publisher acknowledges the financial assistance of the Scottish Arts Council in the production of the original cassette.

ALEXANDER SCOTT (?1515–1583)



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1 Introduction by Professor John MacQueen 18:00

2 (Quha is Perfyte) [JA] 2:07

3 Of May [JA] 3:25

4 Ffolowis the Justing and Debait vp at the Drum betuixt Wä Adamsone and Iohine Sym [DM] 7:32

5 (A Rondel of Luve) [MacQ] 1:15

6 (Lament of the Maister of Erskyn) [MacQ] 1:55

7 (Luve preysis but Comparesone) [JA] 2:09

8 (It cumis yow Luvaris to be Laill) [JA] 2:16

9 (A Luvaris Complaint) [JA] 2:23

10 (To Luve Vnluvit) [MacQ] 1:25

11 (In June the Jem)[MacQ] 1:54

12 Ane New Yeir Gift to the Quene Mary, quhen Scho come first Hame, 1562 [DM] 12:57

13 Song: How suld my Febill Body Fure [sung by Roy Mackenzie, tenor, and played on harpsichord by James V J Miller] 2:53

running time of this CD 60:30

Readers — [MacQ] John MacQueen, [JA] Jack Aitken, and [DM] David Murison.

The text used was from The Poems of Alexander Scott, ed. James Cranstoun LL.D, The Scottish Text Society, Edinburgh, 1896




sscd 042

1 CD £11.00


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1 Introduction by Matthew P McDiarmid 3:35

2 Prologus: On his Translation (vol II pp6-11, p12, and p14) [JA] 2:13

3 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in Vergil’s Latin [AF] 1:02

4 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in the Dryden translation [GP] 1:18

5 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in Douglas translation [JA] 1:07

6 (Quhou stranglit as the prest hecht Laccon and how the hors clam our the wallis of stone) [McD] 7:40

7 Aeneas in burning Troy (II pp100-101) [McD] 3:34

8 Aeneas and Dido and Gossip (II pp164-165) [TC] 2:39

9 Deiphebos greets Sybil and his brother Aeneas when Troy visits Hell (III pp35-36) [DM] 2:03

10 The Roman Genius (III p55) [DM] 1:05

11 Prolough of Sevynt Buke: Winter (III pp61-63)[TC] 4:58

12 Nysus’s arrow kills Tagus, whose friend Volsceus turns upon the boy Euryll

and kills him (III pp198-199) [JA] 1:59

13 Lament of Euryll’s mother seeing her son’s head on the enemy wall (III pp202-203) [TC] 1:49

14 Wounded Aeneas hunts the swordless Turnus (IV pp125-126) [DM] 1:30

15 Douglas’s farewell to his work (IV pp192-193) [TC] 3:11

16 Intro to extraxts from The Palice of Honour in the Shorter Poems of

Gavin Douglas, ed. P J Bawcutt (Scottish Text Society, Edinburgh 1967) [DM] 0:47

17 Dreidful Dreme (II pp136-172) [DM] 2:23

18 The Muses’ Fountain (II pp1126-1161) [DM] 2:11

19 Conscience [DM] 2:08

running time of this CD 47:30

Readers — [McD] Matthew P McDiarmid, [DM] David Murison, [JA] Jack Aitken, [TC]Tom Crawford. [AF]Alistair Fulton reads the Vergil Text, [GP] George Philp the Dryden Translation.