Merry Matanzie

37 Poems by William Soutar

selected and read by

Alex McCrindle

sscd 083

1 CD £11.00


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sscd 083

  1. Foreword by Alex McCrindle
  2. The Tattie-bogle
  3. The Two Men
  4. A Bairn&146;s Song
  5. The Gowden Ba&146;
  6. The Daff Tree
  7. Winter&146;s Awa
  8. Craigie Knowes
  9. The Lonely Mune
  10. By the Way
  11. Auld Somg
  12. Wha Wui be a Tattie-bogle?
  13. Yon Day
  14. The Merry Moment
  15. Doun-Come
  16. Blaeberry Mou
  17. A Laddie&146;s Song
  18. The Buckie Braes
  19. The Wind
  20. The Larky Lad
  21. Pity
  22. Ae Nicht at Amulree
  23. Interlude
  24. Biography
  25. The Auld Man o Muckart
  26. The Three Worthies
  27. Compensation
  28. Epitaph
  29. Backlands
  30. When Gowden are the Carse-Lands
  31. The Star
  32. Yon Toun
  33. Thrang and Thrivin
  34. The Blindy Beggar
  35. Crusts o Kindness
  36. Patriotism
  37. The Stoney Face
  38. Ballad
  39. Ballad - set to music by Irene McLennan and sung by Lizabeth McLean
  40. Comment by W.R.Aitken
  41. The Remembering of a Freindship by Alex Galloway

Under the Eildon Tree


Sydney Goodsir Smith

sscd 024

2 CDs £18.00


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sscd 024

7:   'What wey suld I'


  1. Introduction Alexander Scott
  2. Bards hae sung
  3. There’s monie anither
  4. We hae loed muckle
  5. I, luve-doitit bard
  6. Slugabed
  7. What wey suld I
  8. My luve, my luve
  9. New hyne
  10. Hou can we hae pitie?
  11. Heilan Mary
  12. Moriturus te saluto
  13. Orpheus
  14. The black bull a Norroway

cd 2

  1. O wha can flee?
  2. Cuchulainn
  3. Dido
  4. The faut was mine
  5. Strumpet Daith
  6. Nicht lowers fast
  7. Tristram
  8. I heard a lassie
  9. Thus spak Antony
  10. The time has come
  11. Fareweill

The Poems


Violet Jacob

Readers: Lisa Simmons,

Sheila Mann and

George T Watt 

Violet Jacob

1 CD £11.00


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sscd 801

Poems featured, which are all are in Scots include, The Heid Horseman, The Jacobite Lass, Tam I the Kirk, Halloween, The Wild Geese and many more.



  1. Introduction written and read by (LS)

  2. The Heid Horseman (SM)

  3. Baillie Bruce (SM)

  4. The Doo’cot up the braes (GTW)

  5. The Jacobite Lass (LS)

  6. The Gowk (SM)

  7. The Gean-Trees (SM)

  8. The Beadle o Drumlee (GTW)

  9. The Lang Road (LS)

  10. The Helpmate (SM)

  11. The Tinkler’s Baloo (LS)

  12. Tam i’ the Kirk (GTW)

  13. The End o it (SM)

  14. Craigo Woods (SM)

  15. The Whustlin’ Lad (SM)

  16. Rejected (GTW)

  17. The Kelpie (LS)

  18. Pride (SM)

  19. Mistress Mackay (LS)

  20. The Rowan (SM)

  21. The Tramp to the Tattie-doolie (GTW)

  22. The Lost Licht – A Perthshire Legend (LS)

  23. The Baltic (SM/LS)

  24. The Jaud (SM/LS)

  25. The Blind Shepherd (GTW)

  26. The Banks of The Esk (LS)

  27. The Field by the Lirk o the Hill (SM)

  28. The Shepherd to His Love (GTW)

  29. The Last Ane (LS)

  30. Jeemsie Miller (SM/LS)

  31. The Wild Geese (LS/GTW)

  32. A Widow (LS)

  33. Glory (SM)

  34. The Road To Marykirk (SM)

  35. The Howe o’ The Mearns (GTW)

  36. Kirsty’s Opinion (SM)

  37. Halloween (SM)

  38. To AHJ (LS)


Hugh MacDiarmid


MacDiarmid at Montrose

Out o stock 

Ae speicial CD produced bi Scotsoun tae gang wi the braw exhibeition at Montrose Museum featurin Hugh MacDiarmid alang wi Violet Jacobs, Marion Angus, the sculptur William Lamb, an ither airtists aa weel kent fuar ayont the Angus toun.