Ah’m juist the orraman aboot the place, fit
Tae bang in a fence stob wi the mell,
Able tae tak the coos frae field tae byre,
Can drive a tractor, the combine an aa,
Yaise the graip tae muck oot a grumphie’s stye,
Ken barley frae oats, at a hunner yairds tell
The green o hey frae the gowd o straw.
Come term time, at Whitsuntide, Ah maun flit.
The hoose is wantit fur the fermer’s son,
Ma wages grudged forbye, cash flow is bad.
The wife is scunnert wi glaur, hates the sicht,
Ma lassie wants places tae gang at nicht,
A college place is waitin fur ma lad,
Ah doot the orraman’s day is near done.

Alistair McDonald

Jynt winner, McCash Poetry Prize 2002