Hamish Scott - Twa Poems


Wi video gemms he stertit tae train
tae kill onie fae, imaigined an rael
Nou sodger he flees a hyne awa plane
at hyne awa fowk tae hyne awa nail

An eftir his wark he’s hame whaur he finnds
his laddie is playin video gemms,
but whit tae mak o the laddie’s ain wins?
Dis faither pey for his subaltern wems?


A met daith in a hottle roum
“Guid day,” he sayd, an bade a wee;
syne leivin “See ye later” sayd,
“for life's no feinished - yit - wi ye.”

The bouk is hottle tae the life
that cums this warld an thair resides
but life kens nocht hou lang tae bide
it’s daith the lenth o stey decides