Alie Munro


The Folk Music Revival in Scotland

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1 Dh’fhag iad mi ’s a’ cheap Flora MacNeil Barra 1958/JR 2:18

’nam onrachd

2 The dowie dens of Yarrow Jane Turriff Kinross 1977/AP 4:12

3 Sic a parcel o rogues Allan Morris (*) E Kilbride 1986/GP 2:43

4 If it wasnae for the Union Hamish Imlach Edinburgh 1971/AM 2:18

5 The berryfields o Blair Belle Stewart (*) Blairgowrie 1986/GP 2:25

6 She was a rum one Arthur Watson Blairgowrie 1970/PC 2:14

7 The laird o Udney’s Wa’s Cilla Fisher/Artie Tresize Kinross 1976/AP 3:01

8 The trees they do grow high Maggie Pycroft Kinross 1975/AP 2:44

9 The moving on song Ray Fisher Edinburgh 1971/AM 3:29

10 Willie’s fatal visit Lizzie Higgins Aberdeen 1973/SS 4:00

11 The banks o red roses - 1 Sheila Douglas Kinross 1971/PC 3:57

12 The banks o red roses - 2 Stanley Robertson Kinross 1975/AP 2:47

13 The banks o red roses - 3 Jane Turriff Keith 1978/AP 3:24

14 The banks o red roses - 4 Peter Shepheard Keith 1978/AP 4:27

Total running time for this CD 44:00

Names of the collectors whose initials are listed above: Peter Cooke, Hamish Henderson, Fred Kent, Calum Maclean, Ailie Munro, Allan Palmer, George Philp, James Ross, Stephanie Smith, Linda Williamson

These recordings are in The School of Scottish Studies and are the performances transcribed in the book, except for (*) where the original recordings were not made available.

The recordings on this CD were originally prepared as a companion to the book The Folk Music Revival in Scotland by Ailie Munro which includes a section on The Folk Revival in Gaelic Song by Morag MacLeod, and first published in 1984 by Kahn & Averill. The songs for the book were chosen primarily for content and performance, and as illustrating different categories. The recordings were made over a span of 33 years mostly at public performances with differing local conditions. Not unnaturally there is variation in technical quality throughout the CD.